Integrating Troops with Zendesk Sell + Microsoft Teams

Boost sales conversions with the Troops integration for Zendesk Sell + MS Teams using automated alerts to create efficient and proactive workflows.





Why integrate?

Empower your sales team by connecting Zendesk Sell alerts directly into the relevant Microsoft Teams channels.


  • Increase pipeline efficiency by prioritizing leads and taking the appropriate next steps
  • Track data more accurately by integrating Zendesk Sell and Teams for clean and up-to-date records
  • Engage executives with better reporting and visibility



How Troops works with Zendesk Sell + Microsoft Teams

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Reduce lead response time

Both schedules and real-time alerts sent from Zendesk Sell to MS Teams remove barriers when it comes to prioritizing leads and managing the sales pipeline. Each alert comes with an action item that reduces friction in the lead up to a deal.


Improve sales process

Updates from Teams to Zendesk Sell allows for better record keeping. The integration also allows the sales team to better collaborate with other departments, including finance.

Seamless-transitions TEAMS@2x


CSuite_Insights Teams@2x



Increase engagement with management

The Zendesk Sell and Microsoft Teams integration boosts visibility into customer activity and engages the management team with better insights into the sales team’s results.