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Rob Gonzalez (CMO & co-founder of Salsify) joined Scott Britton and Andrei Newman on the Built by Humans podcast. Here are some key takeaways from the conversation:

  • Creating things is really hard to do unless you have huge blocks of time.
  • You always want to assume that people are operating with good intentions.
  • Preparing for 1v1s and career development conversations takes a ton of time and is very hard to do well.
  • When Product Marketing is not working it is death by a thousand cuts. 
  • Everyone always has a thousand pieces of advice and so the most important part is deciding what advice you’ll actually listen to. 
  • To the extent that your circle of concern is the same as your circle of control, that actually increases your ability to make changes in the world.
Andrei Newman

Written by Andrei Newman

Product Manager