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 Marcus Jewell (CSO of Juniper Networksjoined Scott Britton and Andrei Newman on the Built by Humans podcast. Here are some key takeaways from the conversation:

  • The buying community is getting a lot younger and they are a bit less interested in the relationship part of a sale.
  • We doubled down on AI and micro-motivation tools to gamify the sales job and make work a bit more fun for our people.
  • Sales are very hard to fully understand from a psychological perspective because it is a human-to-human interaction (and humans are unpredictable). 
  • A good salesperson describes the process they will use to get to a good outcome rather than talk about the outcome or how much they are going to sell. 
  •  Salespeople today need to be incredibly dexterous with data so they can pick the important data points and use them to tell a compelling story.
  • You never really lose a customer, you just lose that customer at that time. You will always have an opportunity to get it back and win the deal so it’s important to make a good impression and be professional.
Andrei Newman

Written by Andrei Newman

Product Manager