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On today’s episode of Built By Humans, Scott Brown, CEO of FinancialForce, shares his key to navigating tensions between CROs and CFOs and promoting collaboration between these two vital roles. 

Here are some of Scott’s amazing insights:

  • Making sure your CFO and CRO are aligned involves understanding their unique backgrounds and helping them empathize with each other’s perspectives.
  • Inspecting your organization for opportunities to optimize efficiency is just like getting your car a tune-up—essential to keeping it running smoothly.
  • Improving cross-functional efficiency requires knowing your business’s three or four biggest challenges and aligning every team around overcoming them.
  • Implementing automation and self-service features can help you business scale faster.
  • Maintaining your efforts toward churn can help you keep the customers you worked hard to secure.
Andrei Newman

Written by Andrei Newman

Product Manager