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TripActions, founded just 5 years ago, quickly became one of the fastest-growing companies in Silicon Valley after disrupting the $1.5T corporate travel market. CRO Carlos Delatorre joined the company shortly before the business world was decimated by the covid pandemic. Despite travel reaching a near standstill, Carlos helped the company vastly exceed performance expectations.

He joined hosts Scott and Andrei on the show to unpack how a corporate travel company managed to succeed during the pandemic. The lessons he learned are applicable to any company facing unprecedented challenges, especially from a sales perspective- make sure to give it a listen.


Here are some key takeaways:

  • Every major economic downturn has birthed long-lasting companies- the companies that were flexible and adapted during the pandemic will be the winners.
  • An excellent product is rendered useless without an equally competent sales team- a salesperson needs to be able to articulate the benefits of a product to a client’s specific needs.
  • The best sales reps utilize both top-down and bottom-up approaches.
  • Doing difficult things that make you better is a huge differentiator- the best sellers build their own pipeline.
Andrei Newman

Written by Andrei Newman

Product Manager