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50 Signals/user/mo.

Simple signals


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Minimum of 10 users.



/user/mo. + platform fee

2+ Integrations

100 Signals/user/mo.

Complex signals


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/user/mo. + platform fee

3+ Integrations*

Unlimited signals

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Platform Fee (/mo.) $0 Contact us Contact us

User Price (/user/mo.)

$19 $19 $19
Data Sources
Data SourcesOne instance/environment of any market solution by a third-party vendor. Each additional instance/environment is an additional Standard Data Source.
1 2 3
WorkspacesA single Slack or MS Teams workspace. Multiple workspaces can be same-platform (two Slack workspaces) or multi-platform (1 slack + 1 MS Teams workspace).
1 2 Unlimited
TargetsDirect: Sending notifications directly to any Troops users, including via a data source reference field.
Groups: Sending notifications to a group of multiple Troops users.
Channels: Sending notifications to Slack/MS Teams channels to which any employees may be subscribed (including non-Troops users)
Direct Direct + Groups + Channels + Reference Fields Direct + Groups + Channels + Reference Fields
Notification QuantityThe maximum number of notifications that will be sent to your organization monthly. Example: An org with 50 users on the standard plan (100/user/month) would receive a max of 50 * 100 = 5000 notifications monthly. While calculated based on total users, notifications are pooled/counted across your organization (users are not individually limited).
50/user/mo. 100/user/mo. Unlimited
Advanced FilteringEnables for the further filtering of condition results based on other object data within the platform.
None Same System Same System
Actions Enables your Troops users to take action on a notification directly in Slack/MS Teams, including data updates or write-backs to the triggering objects in your data sources.
Manual Manual Manual
Meeting Workflow*Enables workflows tied to your organizational calendar that prompt Troops users to enter notes or update information on a prospect or account after a call or meeting with them (only available for Google Calendar)
- Yes Yes
Deal Rooms*Provide a 360-degree view of your key prospects and accounts. They include customizable account summaries, calendar reminders, notifications when important Salesforce fields change, and access to critical documents right from the channel (only available for Slack)
- Yes Yes
Single Sign-OnIntegration via SAML or other methods with an organization’s Identity Provider.
-   Yes
CSMYour Troops’ Customer Success Manager, who is focused on ensuring your organizational success through use of the Troops platform.
- Success Plan Designated Success Manager
Support SLAThe maximum amount of time in which a CSM or Support Representative will respond to questions and issues.
24 hour 8 hour 4 hour
OnboardingSupport from a Troops’ onboarding manager in setup and configuration of your Troops environment, and training of your staff on using Troops.
Automated Live (Remote) Live (Remote)


*Additional data sources can be purchased as an add-on to your plan.

*Meeting Workflow is currently only available for Google calendar.

*Deal Rooms is currently only available for Slack.

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