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Com­mu­ni­ca­tions Platform

Real-time updates, coaching, actions, and insights at your fingertips.


Customers of all sizes love Troops
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Troops connects your systems of record with messaging apps so you can automate key workflows in minutes


Troops powers go-to-market agility & organizational adaptability


Save Hours Updating CRM with Grid

Grid is an web-based inline editor that helps users view, edit and update the same fields across multiple CRM records at the same time. Grid saves users hours each week on repeat tasks including lead dispositioning, pipeline updates, and entering meeting notes.

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Signals that work

Troops Signals allow you to build highly customizable, real-time notifications that deliver insights, information, and reminders to your team whenever something that impacts company revenue occurs. 


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Account-based collaboration with Deal Rooms

Deal Rooms turn Slack channels into intelligent account-based collaboration hubs that bring cross-functional teams together. Deal Rooms provide teams with a true 360-degree view of the customer. Automatically inform everyone of interesting moments, share meeting notes and documents, and show all the recent movements in deals. Deal Rooms increase close rates, improves sales velocity, and reduce churn.


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Faster Approvals 

Troops Approvals speed up your Salesforce approvals, make sure they reach the right people, and provide key decision-making context where needed.  


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"With Troops, the team gets data they need, from anywhere: in the office, at home or on the road. Now when I log into a specific account Deal Room, I know where the deal stands. For me it’s the only way I can manage and maintain control."
Tomer Frieder
VP Sales, Spotinst
"In the midst of COVID-19, Troops has been one of the most valuable tools in our tech stack. Troops helps us create awareness around what's happening across the funnel, engage the team, and boost morale."
Michael Tuso
Director of Revenue Performance, Chili Piper

Troops works for all your humans

The entire go-to-market team benefits from Troops.

I want to

Know what’s happening in real time and find coaching moments.

I want to

Create and deploy new revenue processes that are adopted immediately.

I want to

Get time back every day and spend more time with customers

I want to

Provide world-class customer experiences that increase retention.

I want to

Quickly confirm deals I'm working on—without logging into Salesforce.

I want to

Get the revenue visibility I need to inform strategic business decisions.

Humans everywhere love Troops

Royce Marcus
Sales Strategy Manager

We believe that every rep that takes 100 actions with Troops in the field each month gets about 8 hours and 20 minutes back, or one working day. Over the course of a year, that's an entire vacation!

Matt Budd-Thanos
Sr. Director of Sales

Troops is a huge coaching tool because it alerts our team when deals push or stages go in the wrong direction so managers can dig deeper and see where our sales process wasn’t followed properly. That visibility makes it much easier for managers to identify high-value coaching opportunities.

Ziv Peled
Chief Customer Officer

Using Troops is like giving everyone on the team their own personal assistant. What I love about Troops is that it fits in seamlessly with Slack and Salesforce and makes it easy for people to do what they need to do. This is so important for distributed teams.




Our G2 reviews speak for themselves   


"Troops is a wonderful tool to achieve sales ops excellence at scale. I love being able to updated SFDC fields directly from Slack. We use it to enforce sales processes, improve data quality, and generate better collaboration around deals and customers."

Michael B, COO


"Troops is non-negotiable for me in operationalizing our business. Every organization looking to scale should utilize Troops to not only make the processes easier, but to keep track of important information in Salesforce that would have otherwise been lost. It removes the Salesforce usage barrier for your light Salesforce users (ones who need data, but aren't daily users)."

Jerri Gillean, Head of PMO