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Troops Approvals

Managers and executives can manage Salesforce Approvals from anywhere, on any device, with one click in Slack.


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Fast, easy, convenient

  • Troops supports Unanimous, First Response, and Manual Approvals in Slack.

  • Approvers can add comments when approving or rejecting requests in Slack.

  • Send Approvals in a direct message to the approver or to a channel to improve visibility.

  • Check on Approvals in real time using /troops-approvals

  • Send nudge messages to remind approvers when things slip through the cracks.


Approvals outcomes

  • Reduce stress and administrative time and headaches for approvers.
  • Speed approval times and close deals faster.
  • Increase visibility into the Approvals process.
  • Smooth out the buying experience for prospects (and renewals for customers).
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Configuring Troops Approvals

  • Select the Salesforce Approval process you'd like to mirror in Slack.

  • Decide whether you'd like to route your Approval requests via DM only or DM & Channels.

  • Customize the message that would be sent to approvers.

  • Pick the fields you would like to surface in your Approvals notification.

  • Decide if you'd like Approval and Rejection comments to be required or optional.


approval setup screenshot
"Our Troops Approvals workflows combined saved roughly 127 manager hours in one month (or about 10 hours per manager in a month). "
Royce Marcus
Sales Strategy, Door Dash
"Ever since we rolled out Troops it’s just been so seamless that I have just forgotten about the dark times. I don’t need to ever think about approvals again and remind myself that it used to take 9 hours."
Arjun Ganatra
Sr. Salesforce Admin, StackOverflow

Troops Approvals Resources

Check out case studies, Approvals in action & how-to build videos here


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