Get a 360-degree view of your key accounts—from warm lead to renewal, monitor your top accounts every step of the way.



Increase account awareness

  • Customizable account summary that surfaces the most critical information on command
  • Calendar reminders that keep everyone aligned on the latest movements
  • Notifications when important Salesforce fields change
  • Access to critical documents right from the channel

Collaborate & take action

  • Deal Rooms become a centralized hub for all collaboration around your strategic accounts
  •  Everyone on the team is informed, aligned, and able to contribute value
  • Alerts can spark conversation and drive account strategy forward
  • Managers and executives can coach reps and engage directly when necessary
  • Key conversations can be stored back into Salesforce right from Slack
(performance) coaching-moment

Deal Room outcomes

  • Better cross-functional collaboration
  • More executive engagement
  • Faster sales cycles
  • Higher close rates

Configuring a Deal Room

  1. Select the Slack channel name from the dropdown menu.
  2. Add the Salesforce object you’d like to link to the Deal Room. You can add more than one object and also include Child Objects.
  3. Invite team members and Troops bot to the Slack channel.
  4. Select the Salesforce Object fields you'd like to be alerted on when changes occur.
  5. Select the team members' Google Calendars for in-room meeting notifications and select the alert timing.
  6. Click on “Summary” to customize a deal summary that can be accessed by anyone at any time in your Deal Room!
  7. You can also create Deal Rooms from Slack!
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"I am heavily using the Deal Rooms functionality with the team. It’s been super useful in staying up to date on deals, how things are moving, and making sure the reps are keeping data/info up to date on the opps."
Chris Feroli
VP of Sales, Dynamic Yield
"Troops provides visibility into Salesforce data even for people who don’t have Salesforce licenses, so that everyone can stay on top of what’s happening with key accounts."
Ziv Peled
Ziv Peled
Chief Customer Officer, AppsFlyer

Deal Room Resources

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