Troops Grid

The Fastest Way to Update Salesforce, Dynamics, JIRA, Gainsight, Zendesk & More




Save Hours Of Data Entry Time Every Week

Grid is a spreadsheet-like tool that empowers Sales, Success, and Support teams to quickly update all their customer and prospect information across every system.  Save time and stay on top of all of your customers, prospects, deals, support tickets, and more:

  • Fast, in-line updating - update multiple records at once
  • Multi-object updates - update fields across multiple objects all from a single Grid in one tab
  • No More Clicking - Tab through a spreadsheet rather than forms and fields
  • Use Troops Signals to know exactly what records need to be viewed and updated

Grid Works With All of Your Data

Works with more than just Salesforce standard objects. Grid supports all standard and custom objects in Salesforce and other key GTM systems.
  • Update all Salesforce standard and custom objects
  • Works with Salesforce, Gainsight, Dynamics, Zendesk, JIRA, HubSpot and more
  • Required fields help ensure data quality and hygiene across all GTM systems
Grid saves us several steps in bulk updating records. What would have taken an hour to coordinate with sellers and update using other tools now with Grid takes us just minutes.

Grid Works with Troops Signals

  • Launch Grids directly from signals delivered inside Slack and MS Teams

  • Take action on individual accounts from signals, or launch a grid from a signal to update multiple accounts at once.

  • Part of the Troops no-code platform, no separate tools to deploy or manage



Create & Share Grids Easily

  • Drag and drop Grid builder
  • Customize your grid with your desired fields and filters from one or multiple objects to get the exact data you want
  • Share Grids with colleagues and teams