Grid for Gainsight

Update Gainsight 10X Faster and Drive Better Customer Engagement

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Grid for Gainsight

Update Gainsight 10X Faster and Drive Better Customer Engagement


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Create, View, and Update CTAs, Success Plans and Tasks Across Multiple Customers At Once

Troops Grid is a spreadsheet-like inline editor that allows you to view, edit and update multiple Gainsight records at once.   Rather than slowly working through dozens of individual Gainsight properties one at a time, Grid displays all your important information on a single screen.


Reclaim Hours of Valuable Time Each Week

Insanely Fast “In Line”  Data Entry
Update multiple fields and records all at once, from a familiar and easy to use experience

No More Wasted Clicking
Quickly work across a customized tabular spreadsheet on a single screen rather hunting for multiple forms and fields across and endless number of browser tabs

Know What to Update
Troops alerts you in Slack or Microsoft Teams, letting you know exactly what Gainsight data needs updating.


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Grid saves us several steps in bulk updating records. What would have taken an hour to coordinate with sellers and update using other tools now with Grid takes us just minutes.

The Must-Have Tool for Any Gainsight CS Rep

Less Data Entry Time = More Selling Helping:
Grid helps you work smarter, not harder. Focus on delivering great experiences to your customers

Keep Your CTAs Current:
Quickly modify or close out your CTAs, and turn account planning meetings into strategic planning sessions.

Quickly Update Timelines:
Quickly add all your notes from your day’s call to the customers’ timeline...all from a single screen.

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All Your Gainsight Data In One Place

Work Across Multiple Objects in One Grid
Update Customers, CTAs, Success Plans using Grid’s lighting fast inline editor

Standard and Custom Objects
Grid works with all your data across all Gainsight standard and custom objects.

Edit Multiple Records at Once
Work with many records from a single single, and apply bulk updates to multiple records.

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Create and Customize Grids The Way You Want

A Grid for Every Process
Create custom Grids for all your key processes.  CTAs, success plans, campaigns, and account ownership changes

Choose Your Fields
Customize the Gainsight fields in your Grid from multiple objects to get the exact views you need to make updates quickly and efficiently

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