Deliver the right information, to the right person, in real time.



Troops Signals 

  • Pick an object you'd like to relate your alert to.
  • Design trigger conditions when something happens with AND/OR logic.
  • Send it to a channel or as a direct message.
  • Allow your team to edit the records directly from MS Teams or Slack & give them the next action.
  • Add GIFs to enhance the experience.

Troops Reports

  • Select a Salesforce report with key information.
  • Decide which channel you'd like to send it to.
  • Set a schedule or cadence for the report (e.g., daily, weekly).
  • Have it at your fingertips in Slack with /troops-reports
Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 5.31.00 PM

Troops Meeting Workflow

  • Connect your Google calendar.

  • Batch all your meetings together or log meetings in real time with before and after meeting alerts.

  • Choose the actions you want to take (like logging a call in Salesforce or updating contact roles).



"As both a user and builder of Troops workflows at Slack, I can confirm they are one of the easiest ways we’ve increased operational efficiency and data accuracy. We use them to flag bad data to various ops teams. We use them to proactively notify sales reps of upcoming renewals that need action taken in order to process (and we are just getting started)."
Alan Davis
Deal Operations, Slack
"The Troops closed-won channel is THE BEST channel to be in. Everybody loves to be in it and people spend a ton of time there. Sales reps love it because it celebrates their work. It builds camaraderie and also fosters a competitive environment. Our CEO spends like 30 minutes everyday in that channel and comments on all the deals he really likes."
Arjun Ganatra
Sr. Salesforce Admin, StackOverflow
"I’m slow to the game but quickly falling in love with Troops. If you are into process, data integrity and are always trying to reduce inefficiencies. It’s a must have technology to add to your tech stack."
Simon Kaye
Sales Operations, Dynamic Yield

Troops Workflows Resources

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