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The Revenue Communications Platform


Never miss a Salesforce signal

Troops is a revenue communications platform that monitors your key systems for changes, notifies associated people when specific conditions occur, and presents a list of immediate actions they can take, all through your collaboration platform. Think of Troops as the central nervous system for go-to market teams that delivers the right information to the right people at the right time. Teams never miss a revenue signal, allowing them to take rapid action, share intelligence, and make better decisions. World-class brands like Slack, Twilio, DoorDash, Snap, Shopify, and Stripe improve forecast accuracy, organizational transparency, and win rates with Troops.


Designed for sales reps, sales leaders, and customer success teams that love Salesforce 

With Troops, your revenue team members can quickly and easily create their own signals, automating workflows and routing actionable messages to specific users or channels in Slack or Microsoft Teams.

Troops maintains user identity across systems, and supports dynamically sending signals to users based on who they are in that system. For example, someone might be an “Opportunity Owner” in Salesforce—Troops will match the user within Salesforce to the same user in Slack or MS Teams so that every user gets relevant, personalized signals.


How Troops works with Salesforce

Troops operates by letting you define the signals you want your salespeople, managers, execs, and success teams to receive. For example, you may want your sales leaders to know when a deal amount changes, or notify account managers of top accounts with upcoming renewals. Troops detects those changes in Salesforce and fires off a signal to designated people or channels.

You can set conditions and filters on standard and custom objects (including Opportunities, Accounts, Contacts, and Cases) as criteria, choose who should receive the signal, and Troops can either send the signal in real time or on a schedule you set. Using buttons in Slack and MS Teams, Troops users can take key actions such as updating and creating Salesforce records, making phone calls, sending emails, and more from signals.

  • Real-Time Signals detect changes on records as they happen and notify associated people immediately.
  • Scheduled Signals send lists of records that match your conditions at selected times, similar to a report.
  • Actions allow your team to update and create records in Salesforce right from Slack or MS Teams.
  • Meeting Workflow integrates with Google Calendar to prompt your team to log call notes and update key Salesforce fields after a meeting.

The following capabilities are available for Slack only:

  • Search brings searching Salesforce right to Slack, with the ability to update and create records using Troops.
  • Reports can be scheduled to deliver critical Salesforce reports to your team.
  • Deal Rooms organize your team so they can leverage channels as a single source-of-truth to collaborate around top accounts and opportunities.
  • Approvals bring your Salesforce approvals to Slack by prompting key personnel to approve contracts.

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