Troops in the field: HubSpot

Saw a 100% decrease in unworked qualified leads by enlisting troops

Saw a 100% decrease in unworked qualified leads by enlisting troops
HubSpot at a Glance

Industry: Marketing SaaS
Headquarters: Boston, MA
Team size: 1000+

Product: Troops Enterprise
Teams using Troops:
Sales, Marketing, Account management, Community
Leads weren’t being worked, prompting new thinking about how they were being delivered.

For Hubspot, the world’s leading inbound marketing platform, inbound lead volume was incredibly strong. The sales team were notified of their hot MQL's via email alerts. However, a combination of feedback from the team and responsiveness data suggested that email was not the best channel to surface the best leads for follow up. The marketing team decided to experiment with new channels. After all, if anyone knew how important responding to leads is to the bottom line, it was Hubspot.

Bringing the highest signals into Slack

As the team got together to explore options, they identified the requirements for the new, preferred solution

• Delivered real-time
• Had to be very customizable
• Needed to be easy to setup + use

HubSpot needed an option that was more efficient than email notifications, could be customizable enough to accommodate the variety of buying indicators they were tracking, and needed to be intuitive to set up and use.

Since HubSpot’s team were heavy users of Slack, it made sense to try and fit their workflow into the place they knew had everyone’s attention. When Hubspot found Troops, it became clear pretty quickly that a partnership made sense.

The benefit was clear, leading to a rollout across the region and exploration of new use cases.

After using Troops for a month with a pilot group, the data was crunched and the results were analyzed. By bringing high signal lead alerts into Slack, Hubspot saw a 100% improvement in their ability to work leads with the Troops user group compared to the email based control group. In addition, these leads were being worked well within Hubspot’s 24-hour required response time.

Since then, Troops has been rolled out across the region to continued success. Troops displays incredibly specific buying indicators that are tracked in Salesforce to give complete context to the rep - say, when a prospect attended a specific conference and was on the pricing page - allowing reps to reach out with confidence and context. In addition, Hubspot has set up additional workflows with the power of Troops. For example, reps can claimed unowned leads. The celebration of created opportunities and won deals has improved team morale and fostered a healthy sense of competitiveness. Also, Hubspot is now using Troops as an automated way to keep Salesforce data clean by pinging reps when they need to mark an opportunity for potential upsell, and allowing them to do so right from the alert.
Kat Warboys

“Slack is where our team hangs out all day. Bringing their CRM to messenger has been huge for us.”

Kat Warboys

Head of Marketing

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