WeWork at a Glance

Industry: Real Estate
Headquarters: New York Ciy
Employees: 5,000+

Product: Troops Enterprise
Teams using Troops:
Sales, Marketing, Account management, Community
WeWork aims to create a world where people work to make a life, not just a living. Starting with just two locations in 2010, today WeWork has over 5,000 employees in over 500 offices around the globe.  Managing that growth isn’t easy and communication is much harder as a large global company.  Growing with that much scale and velocity relies on keeping thousands of cross-functional people in Salesforce.com and Slack, reporting information in real-time, all of the time. However, managing, and trying to automate this communication and information flow was inefficient.  It could take weeks to setup the automation. And administering the daily tasks and alerts were daunting for the system admins.

Enter Troops.

Today, thousands of WeWork employees use the Troops platform to get better global visibility and improve collaboration by managing thousands of workflows per week.  With Troops, field teams get real-time updates including opportunities created, handoffs completed, deals won and next steps that need to be completed.  This keeps stakeholders in the loop and helps cross-functional teams deliver on big goals, no matter where they sit. And now since leaders have the data at their fingertips, they can focus more on helping their teams close and retain customers, instead of spending time looking for updates.
“Troops is a beacon of information.  It’s giving us access to information in a way that that we didn’t have before,...making our jobs and the work far more efficient.”

Michael Hershfield - Senior Director at WeWork
And by leveraging Troops intuitive platform, frontline teams and managers can create their alerts in minutes, rather than having to wait for weeks. This flexibility is helping them fundamentally stay more connected, be more collaborate and move exponentially faster.
Sam Lee
“Troops has made the business of getting our job done, that much easier.”

Sam Lee
Senior VP of Growth

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