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"My overall experience, working with the Troops team has been simple, easy and really valuable. Is it a big time saver that has also made our processes more efficient."
Joe Ryan
Joe Ryan
Enterprise Sales, LaunchDarkly
"Troops takes the headaches out of my day-to-day updates and workflows."
Nick Pompeo
Nick Pompeo
Account Executive, Looker
"The thing that I love most about Troops is you don’t have to be an expert at Salesforce to use its information in Troops."
greg merson
Greg Merson
Director of Sales Operations

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Adam Michalski
Troops is my favorite sales tool. Having access to our Salesforce data in Slack has been a game-changer. As with many salespeople, keeping up with all the tasks we need to do is tough. Being able to tackle all this manual Salesforce work in Slack just makes life so much easier and gives me more time back in my day.
Adam Michalski
Partner Growth
ian spronck
Troops is a HUGE Timesaver!! I love being able to quickly access and find information in Salesforce, update my pipeline, log meeting notes, while I'm on the road directly in Slack. This ultimately allows me to forecast more accurately and move sales cycles along quicker.
Ian Spronck
ENT AE, Slack
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Dan Strauss
Strategic Accounts

Updating SFDC is a nightmare. Troops is the easiest way to update SFDC, making sure nothing slips through the cracks - we'd be in trouble without it.

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Jensen Fleming
Strategic Account Executive

Troops has been a gamechanger for us. Troops workflows & deal rooms enabled us to stay on top of opportunities, move quickly, and keep everyone in the loop. I can't tell you how much time (and how many headaches) Troops have saved me.

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Travis Davis
Sr. Partnerships Manager

The thing that I love most about Troops is you don’t have to be an expert at Salesforce to use its information in Troops.

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