C-Suite Execs

Trust the data in your key systems. Improve sales execution. Elevate performance across all go-to-market teams.


Get up to speed on your top deals in seconds


Improve data capture and process flow across the organization


Reduce the number of surprises at the end of the quarter


Outperform competitors by delivering the best customer experience

"I’m slow to the game but quickly falling in love with Troops. If you are into process, data integrity and are always trying to reduce inefficiencies. It’s a MUST HAVE technology to add to your tech stack."
simon kaye
Simon Kaye
Sales Operations Manager
"Bringing on Troops has been one of the most game-changing moments for us as a business this year. We are now running big parts of our business via Troops."
bryan caplin
Bryan Caplin
SVP of Sales
"Troops is awesome! It is my favorite toy in the world of Sales Enablement."
daniel wilde
Daniel Wilde
Revenue Operations

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Humans everywhere love Troops.

Clark Valberg
Chief Executive Officer

I love that Troops brings the heartbeat of the sales team to the entire organization in such an accessible and exciting way.

Ziv Peled
Chief Customer Officer
appsflyer logo-good

I love Troops because it’s so simple, yet took our operations 10 years ahead of where other CRMs/ Customer Success platforms could have and adoption is very high. It's helped our CS team immensely stay on top of our most important processes so we can deliver the most impactful customer experience.

Bryan Caplin
Chief Revenue Officer

Bringing on Troops was a game-changing moment for our business. It allowed our rapidly growing team to stay in sync and provided visibility to mission-critical parts of our business.




Our G2 reviews speak for themselves   


"Troops gives me information at my fingertips and is way faster than using As a C-Level executive, I'm constantly on the go. Troops is the only way for me to get the information I need, and it delivers it seamlessly so I can make decisions and take action. I also love getting updates on Closed Won and Renewals. The entire company rallies around Troops notifications to celebrate our wins."

Roy Raanani, President & Co-Founder


"If you use Slack, you should buy Troops now! I love everything about it. Essentially, it's your wizard for salesforce for companies that use slack. Simple to use, high ROI utility, and punctual support (though you won't need it)."

David Self, Co-Founder