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Make your team proactive. Accelerate customer onboarding. Coach effectively. Reduce churn.


Go from reactive to proactive




Improve the customer experience with seamless transitions



Provide greater visibility into your customer relationships



Grow your biggest accounts as a team

"I cover the entire APAC region for Customer Success at InVision so having Troops point me to where my attention needs is huge. The more I can automate the admin portion of my deals, the more time I have actually trying to drive meaningful value for my clients."
Christopher Ljubic
ENT CSM, InVision
"If a CSM has 20 to 60 accounts, Troops helps them understand and prioritize those accounts by telling them, ‘This is the account that you need to pay attention to today.'"
Shachar Avrahami
Shachar Avrahami
Head of CS Ops, Feedvisor
"We've had to throw a lot of new processes at the CSMs, but because of Troops, we can make sure they at least have reminders for what those processes are and what they should be doing to follow them."
rona yang
Rona Yang
Head of Customer Ops, Dynamic Yield

Customer Success Resources

Humans everywhere love Troops

Rona Yang
Head of Customer Operation

Before Troops, getting clean data into SFDC was a big challenge for our Customer Success team. Very quickly, Troops helped us streamline many of our processes, and increased the number of calls logged in SFDC by 3X.

Ziv Peled
Chief Customer Officer
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I love Troops because it’s so simple, yet took our operations 10 years ahead of where other CRMs/ Customer Success platforms could have and adoption is very high. It's helped our CS team immensely stay on top of our most important processes so we can deliver the most impactful customer experience.

Rob Fenton
Head of Account Management

Troops has been immensely helpful making sure we have smooth handoffs while also making sure we are on top of all of our opportunities and meetings to deliver the best customer experience possible. I highly recommend it to any CS team!




Our G2 reviews speak for themselves   


"Troops has Automated my customer interactions! I use troops to help remind me to log customer engagements in Salesforce. This is a lifesaver and helps me stay on top of my workload. Overall, it's a great software that helps our CS Team stay up to date on their engagement/ customer-facing workload."

Elizabeth Tajonar, Senior Manager, Customer Success


"Troops provides workflow automation for Customer Success Teams. I like it because It is easy to use, reliable, and the workflow rules are fairly sophisticated. We use it to keep the CS team in sync on all customer renewals and upsells, specifically on status or value changes on deals. Managing and flagging customer case escalations through Troops has also been excellent."

Manuel Harnisch, Head of Customer Success