Keep your CRM up to date. Uncover key insights. Coach effectively. Win more.


Drive accountability in your sales process.

Give frontline management real-time insights into the outcomes of every call so they can ensure reps are following your sales process, selling effectively, and ramping quickly.




Improve win rates through team selling.


Get real-time CRM data capture and flow across the organization.

Give reps the easiest, most proactive way to update Salesforce across devices so information can circulate across all levels of the organization and there are no surprises.



Decrease ramp times.

Give new reps insights into best practices and frontline managers visibility into how well reps are performing to rapidly accelerate reps' skill level.

"Troops helps our team progress deals faster. It’s stellar for mobile reporting for me, and our team can quickly adjust their contacts, leads, and opps."
Jared Fuller
VP of Sales, PandaDoc
"It's been one of the most valuable tools in our tech stack to create awareness around what is happening across the funnel and how to engage the team."
Michael Tuso
Director of Revenue Performance, Chili Piper
"Troops has been super important in motivating the sales team and keeping everyone really excited to sell. I would recommend any sales team that has a dispersed sales team to use Troops to keep everyone together and unified."
Josh Mann
Sr. Growth Ops Lead, WeWork

Sales Leader Resources

Humans everywhere love Troops.

Ben Solari
VP of Inside Sales

We needed a tool to improve data quality & reduce a stagnated pipeline to more accurately plan and forecast. has been integral in helping sales managers move quickly to build workflows that improve rep productivity without having our sellers swimming in Salesforce exception reports.

Jason Bullock
Head of Sales

I wanted Troops to help make sure we had no opportunities with overdue close dates & that all opportunities over a certain size had clear next steps. With Troops, we were able to accomplish this incredibly quickly which has made it an essential part of our tech stack.

Ben Braveman
Chief Customer Officer

Troops has empowered us to get the most out of our Salesforce investment. We now have a more accurate forecast and our frontline management is more effectively able to coach and manage their teams with real-time visibility into our mission-critical processes.




Our G2 reviews speak for themselves   


"Troops is a great product that drives productivity for my team. As it continues to evolve as a product we continue to find new applications for it to drive awareness, productivity, and insights for our individual contributors and leaders."

Chris Waldron, VP of Sales


"Troops is an excellent product that allows me to solve a variety of different problems! I have deployed it at two orgs and am now working on it for my 3rd. I've also had a very good experience dealing with their Sales Team, they enabled me to buy, vs sold me."

Jesse Ouellette, Direct of Sales
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