Sales Ops

Keep Salesforce clean. Reinforce your sales process and SLAs. Provide management oversight. Improve rep efficiency.



Get Salesforce data you can trust


Increase adherence to sales processes


Give management the oversight they keep asking for


Deploy high-adoption workflows in minutes

"I’m slow to the game but quickly falling in love with Troops. If you are into process, data integrity and are always trying to reduce inefficiencies. It’s a MUST HAVE technology to add to your tech stack."
simon kaye
Simon Kaye
Sales Operations Manager
"Bringing on Troops has been one of the most game-changing moments for us as a business this year. We are now running big parts of our business via Troops."
bryan caplin
Bryan Caplin
SVP of Sales
"Troops is awesome! It is my favorite toy in the world of Sales Enablement."
daniel wilde
Daniel Wilde
Revenue Operations

Sales Operations Resources

Humans everywhere love Troops

Andy Mowat
VP of GTM Operations

If you have Slack & Salesforce, Troops is an amazing tool to 10x how you use the data in Salesforce. For the past year our team has used Troops and we are finding new uses for the tool daily!

Jeffrey Serlin
Head of Global Sales Operations

At Intercom, we've built sales methodologies and playbooks that enable us to win and acquire customers. However, these processes can be very hard to scale if not done correctly. Troops helps us automate those best-in-class sales processes in a way that my team loves and raves about.

Sam Lee
SVP, Head of Growth

With Troops we’re able to provide real-time updates, whether it’s on opportunities created, handoffs completed, deals won and importantly next steps that need to be accomplished cross-functionally, so that our teams are delivering on the big goals, no matter where they sit.




Our G2 reviews speak for themselves   


"Troops has been a game-changer for our revenue org! It has enabled our New Business, Customer Success, Staffing, and Leadership teams to better understand our existing partners, our pipeline, and the productivity of our employees."

Valerie Papa, Sales Operations Manager


"Troops is the easiest way for our team to stay in the loop. Team members across all departments - including C-suite - like the ease of being informed instantly on the topics they care about with the Salesforce Troops channels we have in Slack. We are a Slack-heavy org so we rely on troops as an informative resource."

James Crotchett, Revenue Operations Manager