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COVID-19 Update

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The novel COVID-19 coronavirus has forced teams to make quick changes and embrace remote work. Here's what we're doing to help make this transition easier for you.

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Everyone needs to work remote. How do you support them, keep them productive, maintain performance, and have clear visibility into what’s happening across the business? People who are not used to working remotely need more help. Below are our top tips and resources for using Troops to support your teams while they’re working outside the office.


What: Keep people productive.

Communicate the right things to the right people at the right times, so they can do all the right things and keep your business moving.

How: Create focused notifications and alerts. Use Troops to set up key notifications that help your people stay focused and on task.

  • Consider revamping your /Troops Command center. Add quick actions that help people become more efficient at everyday tasks, like creating opportunities or updating customer outcomes. Customize the search layouts of object records to allow users to see exactly what they need with fewer clicks and more focus.
  • Expand meeting notifications/alerts.
    • Send out pre-meeting alerts so people have time to prep, which is even more important when meetings are conducted online or over the phone.
    • Follow up meetings with post-meeting reminders so everyone updates the rest of the team (and your CRM) with fresh information.

Post meeting workflow

  • Beef up process notifications and alerts.
    • Set up and send out Troops notifications with action buttons to remind people when they need to do something like:
      • Update an opportunity with MEDDIC information or any other fields on their opportunities.
      • Nudge reps when a key date is approaching or has passed.
      • Notify when someone needs to review or approve something.



Resources to keep your team productive


What: Help your people maintain & enhance performance.

Make sure everyone is getting the feedback they need to succeed while working remotely. Regular feedback and coaching can help remote teams stay on target and thrive. Find moments to coach your team and keep them focused.

How: Focus on a few critical areas in your sales process or customer engagement model and put them at center stage with Slack and Troops.

  • Create notifications for significant date changes and timeline shifts. Consider adding daily and weekly report updates on all timeline shifts, so everyone knows what’s happening. Pay special attention to:
    • Close date changes
    • Next step date changes
    • Stage advancements
  • Develop notifications that capture meaningful performance-related events. Share them with sales and executive leadership so there are no surprises. Consider daily or weekly updates on:
    • Aggregate pipeline shifts
    • Opportunity movement and progression
    • Top accounts and deals
    • Closed/lost deals and COVID-19 impact
  • Leverage the visibility you get from Troops and kick it up a notch by providing more proactive feedback in Slack on what you are seeing.
    Manager coaching to Metrics  
    • If your sales development team is crushing activity numbers, give them a shout out and share it across channels so everyone knows.
    • See Opportunities stalling in Discovery in a Troops alert? Step in and coach in the moment to help reps maintain momentum and keep deals moving.
    • Notice phenomenal work from a particular person? Share that pat on the back in Slack so everyone can see it.


What: Improve visibility & trust.

People believe what they see, so make sure they see the right things.

How: Broadcast information that helps them understand what’s going on across the business.

Use Troops notifications and actions to ensure everyone is sharing key information that will keep things on track.

  • Create more reports and business update notifications: Think about things that everyone cares about or should know about that don’t live in Slack today. Consider creating and surfacing them via Troops reports in Slack.
  • Celebration notifications and alerts.
    • Let everyone know when you win a new account or close a big expansion deal. It makes everyone feel good!
    • Branch out beyond a simple win gong: Consider notifications that celebrate prospect and/or customer milestones that amp up the excitement.
    • Celebrate meetings set, critical sales stage advancements, professional service completions, upsells and renewals, customer milestones.
    • Share positive customer feedback. Create a #customerlove channel and invite everyone to join.
  • Add Slack channels where you can share reporting like #sales-leadership, #cs-leadership, & #sales-sdrs
  • Use those channels to send out daily and/or weekly update reports, so everyone can see what’s happening across the business. You might:
    • Notify executives of changes to key financial indicators (e.g., a pipeline update report).
    • Let your sales leaders know how many meetings have been set (and who set them).
    • Alert your revenue teams when new leads come in from target accounts.
    • Give your entire team regular updates on overall performance against goals.

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