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Salesforce and Slack Workflows

The most customizable way to build Slack and Salesforce workflows. Create actionable alerts, Salesforce reports, and read/write integrations to optimize your team.

Salesforce and Slack Workflows

Troops’ Slack and Salesforce integration is the most customizable and robust way to connect Salesforce and Slack.

It is also the only bi-directional Salesforce and Slack integration that exists. Create alerts and reports to make it easy for your team to manage their pipeline, respond to inbound leads, and make Salesforce easier to use. Everything is highly customizable, works with all your custom Salesforce objects and information, and is incredibly secure. Workflows can be built based on field changes, dates, recurring schedules, or specific fields (such as an Opportunity's Stage) not changing. You can apply rich filters to these trigger conditions so that Troops always shows you only the most important information. Custom action buttons can be attached to each workflow so that your team can take the next best action when they receive a workflow which can be routed to company channels, referenced Salesforce users, or team members in Slack.

  • Custom Trigger Filters
  • Custom Salesforce Actions
  • Real-time
  • Cross-Object Attributes
  • Routing to Salesforce Reference Users, Slack Channels, and Direct Messages