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Salesforce Case Management Workflow

Salesforce Cases are one of the most important ways companies make sure customer requests and issues are prioritized and resolved in a timely manner.

Troops’ Salesforce Case Management workflows ensure that the right people on your team see customer requests as fast as possible and have the ability to collaborate or take action immediately without switching context.

If time to case resolution is an important metric for your team, there’s no better way to make sure your team sees a new incoming Case then letting them know where they’re already spending time: across devices in Slack.

Great use cases for our Salesforce Case Management workflow include notifications on high priority cases, case escalations, and collaboration with support leads and other team members referenced on an Account.

Being able to seamlessly take action and collaborate all in one place limits context switching and drives efficiency for your team. Get started with Troops Case Management workflow by leveraging any of the popular templates below!

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Salesforce Case Management Workflow