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Salesforce Event Management Workflow

If you use events to track meetings with prospects and customers, Troops’ Salesforce event management workflows are a must-have.

Popular use cases include post-meeting follow-ups, reminders before key events, and logging all relevant details for your meetings back into the CRM.

Taking advantage of a Salesforce event management workflow is as easy as selecting which events you’d like to be reminded of, the information relevant to the event you’d like to see, and which actions you’d like to take back in the CRM upon receiving a Troops notification.

Managers absolutely love these since it makes it incredibly easy for reps to document post-meeting notes, as well as whether the meeting was actually held in the first place. Having this information helps teams fully understand their funnel so that they can get the most leverage possible.

If you’re not using Salesforce event management, but are using Google and would like to document things happening on your calendar we recommend you check out workflows that incorporate our Google calendar integration.

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Salesforce Event Management Workflow