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Create Salesforce Meeting Notifications In Slack

Any time a Salesforce meeting is set or happens, your team has to know! Troops’ Workflow Builder makes creating notifications and workflows around Salesforce meetings a breeze.

First, you can set the conditions around when you’d like to have a notification fire which generally occurs on the event or task object. From here you can customize the meeting details that are shared every time this occurs. This could include who the meeting is with, when it happens, and any notes or actions associated with the meeting.

Once you’ve established your conditions and meeting details, Troops’ will route Salesforce meeting workflow to Slack channels, referenced Salesforce users, or individual Slack team members.

The most powerful part of this workflow is the ability to attach custom meeting actions. This allows your team to take the best action directly from the notification such as marking the meeting as complete or adding notes!

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Create Salesforce Meeting Notifications In Slack
  • Custom Trigger Filters
  • Custom Salesforce Actions
  • Real-time
  • Cross-Object Attributes
  • Routing to Salesforce Reference Users, Slack Channels, and Direct Messages
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