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Salesforce Lead Management Workflow

Troops’ Salesforce Lead Management Workflows are the easiest way to manage any of your existing lead processes directly from Slack.

Great use cases include workflows for new Leads, unworked Leads, and Lead reassignments. The list is really endless.

Any Troops Salesforce Lead Management Workflow can be customized so that your team can be notified only about Leads that meet specific criteria such as demo requests or leads that have a certain score. You can even use existing Lead queues to make sure that the right person receives a Lead at the right time.

Letting your team know about new Leads is a great first step, but even better is making it easy for them to take the best next action on that Lead directly from a Slack notification. With Troops’ action builder you can attach key actions such as changing status, converting a Lead, or emailing a prospect directly to any workflow.

Typical results from implementing Salesforce Lead management workflow include faster response times, increased lead to opp conversion rates, and better work rates.!

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Salesforce Lead Management Workflow