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Salesforce Opportunity Close Date Workflow

Troops’ Salesforce Opportunity Close Date Workflow is the easiest way to to make sure your team is properly updating their close dates to ensure pipeline and forecasting accuracy.

If you’ve ever found yourself running a report and wondering whether those close dates are real or why they are in the past, you’re in the right place 😊

This particular template is an example of Troops’ date based workflow. To set this up, simply decide how many days in advance (or in the past) of a close date you’d like a team member to be notified about a deal and the frequency at which you’d like them to be notified. After this, make sure to give your team one-click actions like being able to push the date or “closed lost” a deal.

The recommended cadence for our Salesforce Opportunity Close Date Workflow is once a week prior to your team’s pipeline meeting. Typical results are better data accuracy and less time spent by managers nagging their reps to update their deals!

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Salesforce Opportunity Close Date Workflow
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  • Real-time
  • Cross-Object Attributes
  • Routing to Salesforce Reference Users, Slack Channels, and Direct Messages
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