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Salesforce Opportunity Management Workflow

Troops’ Salesforce Opportunity Management workflows let you streamline insight and actions to accelerate new business. You can create workflows on Opportunity field changes, key dates, stuck deals, and more right in Slack where your team is already working.

Apply rich filters to any Salesforce Opportunity management workflow and then route it to the right channel or member(s) of your team. Workflows can be sent to any channel, referenced Salesforce user (e.g., the owner), Slack team member, or even multiple people using group messages.

Popular use cases include sharing closed won deals, management of upcoming close dates, fixing stuck deals, and more.

Troops’ Salesforce Opportunity Management workflows can be made even more powerful by attaching custom actions to any notification. Example custom actions include updating a specific group of fields, sending an email, or linking to a third-party system.

Common results after implementing Troops’ Opportunity management workflows include more accurate forecasting, increased deal velocity, time savings, and greater visibility across your organization.

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Salesforce Opportunity Management Workflow