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Share Salesforce Meeting Notes in Slack

Sharing Salesforce meeting notes is one of the best ways to drive accountability and transparency as well as to ramp new reps. Using Troops’ Workflow Builder, you can automate the sharing of Salesforce meeting notes every single time a rep completes a meeting or task.

Many companies only want certain types of notes to be shared, so we’ve built a complex filtering system that allows you to set parameters so that these notes are only shared after those conditions are met.

Once you’ve set your trigger conditions, you can route Salesforce meeting notes to any Slack channel, to individuals listed in Salesforce, or even to group message between users referenced in Salesforce. It’s powerful for getting everyone on the same page.

We recommend setting these up to go out to team channels or directly to managers. It is also incredibly beneficial to share Salesforce meeting notes with the product and marketing teams who are trying to better understand customers.If you’re trying to be more customer-driven, this Troops workflow is definitely for you!

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Share Salesforce Meeting Notes in Slack
  • Custom Trigger Filters
  • Custom Salesforce Actions
  • Real-time
  • Cross-Object Attributes
  • Routing to Salesforce Reference Users, Slack Channels, and Direct Messages
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