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Salesforce Task Management Workflow

Does your team use Tasks? Troops’ Salesforce Task Management Workflows are the easiest way to automate and streamline any process related to the Salesforce task object.

Tasks are often how we measure past and future activity so it’s important to make any and all task related processes as easy as possible.

Popular Salesforce Task Management workflows powered by Troops include use cases like logging activities, managing your daily tasks that are due, and even sharing the notes from these tasks across the company so leadership knows what’s going on.

Troops Salesforce Task Management goes beyond simply Salesforce. You can also layer in additional data sets such as Google Calendar to make workflows smarter and more powerful for your team.

Every business wants to know what their team is doing, but doesn’t want to bog them down with busy work. Troops makes managing this dynamic easy by giving teams a task management experience that’s simple and actionable.

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Salesforce Task Management Workflow