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Salesforce Workflows in Slack

If your team is living in Slack, its time to modernize and migrate your Salesforce workflows to where your team is increasingly working - Slack! Why? Moving Salesforce workflows into Slack makes them actionable, real-time, and collaborative.

Whether we're talking about a deal that is stuck in stage, a lead that requires real-time followup, or an approval process involving management, giving your team a logical path to collaborate and take actions on any notification makes thing easier. And...if you make things easier, you're going to have better results and better data in your CRM.

With Troops workflow builder, you can create a trigger based on anything in Salesforce, route it to the right individual, channel, or group of people, and then attach a set of actions that make it easy for your team to complete the best next action right there. It's almost like a modern, more actionable version of Salesforce process builder. 1000s of startups have migrated traditional, tired, Salesforce workflows done in email to Slack with great success. Get started today for free by getting going below!

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  • Custom Trigger Filters
  • Custom Salesforce Actions
  • Real-time
  • Cross-Object Attributes
  • Routing to Salesforce Reference Users, Slack Channels, and Direct Messages